ISO : 9001:2008   |  ISO : 18001:2007
Safety First

Working with SAFETECH FAS will provide necessary support & guidance in relation to compliance with relevant occupational health & safety acts & code of practice.

Facility Management Services : -

  1. Free site survey & consulting service available to establish your work at height needs.
  2. Facade access risk assessments & job safety analysis.
  3. Occupational health & safety risk mitigation strategies.
  4. B M U condition reports & maintenance audit.
  5. Performance specification & client advice for B M U refurbishment.

FAS Design & operation standards

E N 795 Protection against falls from height – anchors devices/ testing.
E N 361 Full body harness
E N 418 Emergency stop equipment
E N 614 Ergonomic design principle
E N 60204 Electrical equipment of machine
E N 1461 Hot dip galvanize coating
E N 12944 Code of practice against corrosion
B S 6570 Code of practice for selection, care & maintenance of steel wire ropes
G S 31 Safe use of ladders
B S 6399 Code of practice for wind load
H S E G S 25 Prevention of falls to window cleaners
H S E P M 30 Suspended access equipment


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