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Cradle Facade Access System

Suspended power platform design to carry a safe working load of 240 kg ( i.e two person + material) for vertical transportation to execute cleaning or light maintenance operations.

Types :-
  1. Solo power cradle.
  2. Articulated cradle
  3. Slewing cradle.

  Features :-
  1. Assembly consist of Stainless steel plateform bucket +imported power winches + Reelers with gear & motor + control panel + castor wheels + trip bar + limit switches.
  2. Capable of vertical ascent & descent at a climbing speed of 8 meters per minute.
  3. Provided with emergency descent at a controlled speed in case of power failure by operating primary brake lever.
  4. Castor wheels – for easy transport & store.
  5. Suspension system ;- Stainless steel wire ropes of Dia. 8.3mm,
    1] two nos of primary wire ropes.
    2] two nos of secondary safety wire ropes.

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