How come Jews intermarry, and who would like to marry a Jew, anyhow?

NEW YORK (JTA) – Over the last half century, intermarriage became increasingly typical in america among all religions – but among Jews at the greatest rate.

Why this is the instance is just one of the concerns Naomi Schaefer Riley probes inside her brand new b k, “‘Til Faith Do Us component exactly just exactly How Interfaith Marriage is changing America” (Oxford University Press).

Among the significant reasons, Riley discovers, is the fact that the older people get, the much more likely they truly are to intermarry — and Jews tend to marry more than Americans generally speaking, based on the 2000-01 nationwide Jewish Population Survey. Because of the exact same token, Mormons, whom encourage very very early nuptials, will be the minimum most most most likely faith to outmarry.

The findings in Riley’s b k, which is why she commissioned a nationwide study, improve the concern of whether Jewish institutions enthusiastic about reducing interfaith marriages should really be encouraging Jews to marry at a more youthful age. They aren’t doing that now, based on Riley, additionally the American Jewish intermarriage price is approximately 50 %.

Another element behind the comparatively high Jewish intermarriage price is, simply, that People in america like Jews.

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Riley cites the task of sociologists Robert Putnam and David Campbell, whom measured the interest in different spiritual teams with substantial studies due to their 2010 b k, “American Grace exactly How Religion Divides and Unites Us .”