This part is obvious as time. If any tasks you are doing on flow are contrary to the statutory legislation, you will be prohibited from Twitch for them.

Twitch runs in an area that is grey they appear to avoid enforcing this guideline on weed cigarette cigarette cigarette smokers unless it crosses some kind of undefined line. The TOS is super though that is clear. If Twitch chooses they would like to ban you for smoking weed, they may be able.

This exact same logic pertains, for instance, to jaywalking during an IRL flow. Jaywalking, in other words. crossing the road when it is prohibited for legal reasons, is completely prevalent in a lot of urban centers around America. In case a streamer theoretically is jaywalking on flow, they most likely wouldn’t be in difficulty — but themselves, they might get banned if they run across a busy highway and nearly kill. (more…)