Let us begin with a lady called Julia Howe who in 1861 composed new words to a nineteenth century US camp conference song;

Songs for the World that is second War.

Maybe we had better stop ahead of the Glory Glory Hallelujah’s begin simply because they may evolve into “and he ain’t planning to fly no longer”. Bad Julia. Next 80 years her words that are spiritually uplifting be often replaced with soldier’s parodies of a coarseness, vulgarity and cynicism she could never have predicted.

The Battle Hymn associated with the Republic is importantly representative of one style of war track. Firstly it absolutely was compiled by a civilian safely away from selection of any weapons, it suggests that God is on our part and whilst it may bring a lump towards the throat, it neither offers any understanding of the governmental machinations that caused the war, nor reflects the sentiments for the modest soldier who’s within selection of the firearms. (more…)