Hong Kong authorities fire tear rubber and gas bullets on students as Asia threatens to bring in the military

The epicentre regarding the Chinese University of Hong Kong had been converted into a battlefield as pro-democracy protesters clashed with police.

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters fought intense battles with riot authorities on a college campus and paralysed the city’s up-market business district, expanding very violent stretches of unrest noticed in a lot more than five months of governmental chaos.

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The epicentre ended up being the Chinese University of Hong Kong in which the hillside that is usually placid were changed into a battlefield all night.

Police fired repeated volleys of tear gas and plastic bullets at hundreds of protesters whom responded with bricks and petrol bombs.

The clashes raged well to the despite faculty and staff trying to mediate, with flames lighting up the night sky and the dense clouds of acrid smoke night.

Police fundamentally used a water cannon vehicle then started a retreat – although sporadic tear gas fire continued – and as midnight approached the campus stayed in the hands of protesters behind their makeshift shield walls.

A volunteer that is 19-year-old, who gave their first title Marco, stated he had lost count of exactly how many students he addressed who had been struck by rubber bullets.

“Most associated with the situations we received from the frontline was indeed shot above their chest,” he told AFP. (more…)