Ace Week, previously Asexual Awareness Week, is coming up.

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As you person that is asexual can’t claim to represent the complete asexual range, but i wish to raise knowing of this important section of my identification.

Asexuality is just a orientation that is sexual a person experiences small to no intimate attraction with other individuals and/or doesn’t have desire to have sexual contact. Unlike celibacy or abstinence it’sn’t an option – asexuality can be as innate to a person as just about any orientation that is sexual. Asexual individuals can and do take part in intimate functions, for the true purpose of having kids or simply for enjoyable, but that doesn’t negate the undeniable fact that these are generally asexual. The end that is opposite of range from ‘asexual’ is ‘allosexual’.

The asexual umbrella covers those who don’t fit the definition that is strictest of this term, with all the terms ‘grey-asexual/greysexual’ explaining the individuals who just feel intimate attraction hardly ever or under particular circumstances, and ‘demisexual’ describing those individuals whom just feel intimate attraction when a solid psychological relationship occurs. (more…)