Claws of Furry is just a game that gives you the capacity to play with numerous buddies as you scratch the right path through four worlds with varying baddies, wanting to save your master, who is been kidnapped in what seems to be Lady together with Tramp’s Trusty in a mech suit.

Claws of Furry – A Scratchy Brawler Game

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As c l as this sounds, this game is not t polished and I also would only recommend it for those that adore the brawler genre a great deal that they need to play each of them. It might probably also be great for fans regarding the old-sch l Flash game feel. Nevertheless, in general you can find better brawlers around, with an increase of punch for your dollar.

Digging up Positivity – Furry charity and news that is g d might 2021

Ah, welcome to the May edition of searching up positivity. Slowly the world is recovering. All over the world we come across activities starting up again and I also l k forward to the minute I can travel once more to discover my buddies abroad.

This episode we now have a few occasions, both virtual and ‘classic’, raising cash for charity, Furry honors, a lot of meerkats and our special featurette is Pawsry, the driving force behind worldwide Furry Television, a basic from the Asian furry fandom.

But first, lets see just what we’ve done for charity this thirty days!

Zniw Adventure – Point and Click to Walk the Dinosaur

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The experience genre can seem a bit sometimes prehistoric, but that actually works just fine when your adventure game is about dinosaurs.

Zniw Adventure, developed by an unbiased two-person Polish team, strikes on most of the right nostalgic marks for her mother’s birthday as it tells the story of a yellow dino by the name of Zniw (pronounced Zniff), and her journey to get home in time. (more…)