Let me make it clear about Behind the scenes: Royal Restoration and Fellowship Chat


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Behind the scenes: Royal Restoration and Fellowship Chat

Dear People and Elves,

This has been a whilst so we would like to do that for you today since we last gave an update on the new chat servers and its features, as well as the Royal Restoration spell. We all know that information about these two subjects is overdue, so we do apologize for having been quiet on these subjects for what may have believed like a little too much time. And, than we had hoped, so now it’s time to come back to our promise, and give you an update of what’s going on behind the scenes regarding these two topics while we had our reasons for that, it turned out to take longer.

The Royal Restoration spell

A few of you may already fully know just what it is, however for people who do not yet, we would like to simply take this chance to inform you of a brand new spell we’re focusing on. It is called Royal Restoration, also it will enable you to update your occasion structures, along with the Magic Residences and Magic Workshops. This spell will change the blueprints that are current you may get through the Tournaments. Of course, you will be capable of geting the spell through the Tournaments also. Any Blueprints you have got will undoubtedly be turned into the new spell, which includes exactly the free mumbai dating websites same capabilities, and much more.

So, now the relevant question that numerous of you wish to have answered is of course: whenever is it spell finally arriving at Elvenar? (more…)