“Women aren’t drawn to approval-seeking behavior. “

Is in reality repulsive for them. Like in “we just saw nude pictures of my grandma” repulsive.

Yeah, THAT bad.

(This friends-first thing is additionally just what causes the “Nice Guy” syndrome, in addition.)

Let us proceed to the mistake that is next.

APPROACH ERROR number 2 attempting to appear With a great “pickup line” – or other Clever and Impressive Method to Get Her enthusiastic about You.

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I thought it was the first thing you say to a woman that makes her interested in you or not when I first got started learning how to approach women. I had been thinking I experienced to produce this initial presentation appropriate in advance. I figured you had one opportunity to make a very big impression on her behalf, or perhaps you destroyed her interest.

The things I present in the reality is one thing very different.

The initial presume you say is really the smallest amount of thing that is important. (more…)