Jules Corkery trudges up the marble stairs hauling a white plastic bucket of compost that’s very nearly as large as she’s.

Astoria Characters The City-Slicker Chicken Farmers

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“Welcome to the farm,” she claims as she starts the double deadbolt d r to her dollhouse of an apartment facing the Astoria Park tennis courts.

She hands the bucket off to Robert McMinn, her significant other, as Esmeralda, Penni and Dearie audience around her legs.

“Oh! There’s some p p,” she states as she excitedly sc ps the shiny black pearls into her hand. ” These are like nuggets of gold.”

Picture by Nancy A. Ruhling The Serama birds Esmeralda, left, Dearie and Penni.

“They act as normal accelerants for the compost,” Robert explains.

The white Esmeralda, the grayscale lace Dearie and also the coppery Penni are birds. Not merely any finger chickens that are lickin’-g d brain you. These petites that are pretty the fine-feathered features are show birds called Serama. (more…)