Come, gaze away over the green rolling hills, across the countless wind generators and numerous polyethylene tractor sheds.

Blatant D m Trip

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Welcome towards the country reader that is dear! Truly this can be a modern-day Eden, a paradise where the neighbors are nosy and the sewers are nonexistent.

Oh, and what’s that delightful aroma wafting in from a single of Farmer MacDougall’s pig liver processing plants? Why, it’s the stench of rotting manure of course! Mmm, inhale it in deeply. Let that nauseating scent fill your lungs! In the end, you don’t get that form of putrid stench into the city that is big. That’s right, you’re into the national nation now, where every thing involves ( or perhaps is) excrement.

I am James Heroin and I`m proud to express that for over sixty years i have already been a country vet that is simple. I was born in the united states (in a cow shed) and I’ll die in the country (probably shotgunned in the face with a farmer that is drunken a pig auction).

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You city slickers are able to keep your Chinamen and homosexuals. I’d rather live in someplace where everybody knows everyone’s name, where everyone knows just what most people are doing all the time, and where everyone renders their d r that is front available. And then hey, even better for a simple country vet like me if the resulting draft from the complete lack of insulation causes widespread pneumonia in household pets.

Today got off to a start that is early. We received a call from Farmer MacDougall, telling me that one of his cows, Daisy, had got a little bit of lawn in her ear. It had been my job to hose it down. I affixed a siren towards the r f of my Austin Ambassador and tripped at top rate to save lots of the life of their beloved cow.

Unfortunately, there have been problems (t many to go into right here nonetheless it mainly involved me getting confused about the differences between a chainsaw and a hose), and Daisy passed away an appalling and horrific death from massive head injury. (more…)