Geek2geek.I’ve look over some decent reviews from it, but have not seen it placed in some of the “top dating site” reviews.

Hell exactly just what do you’ll need a website that way for? I am aware a great deal of individuals that love to talk about attainment of stoichiometry when you look at the application of cylindrical PVC, WD-40, and yard veggies.

. although a lot of them quit once I attempted to bring in oxy/acetylene mixes, but oh just exactly how far that spud could have gone!

Sincerely,a devout meat fan

Really? Forward ’em my means – we are able to speak about my assortment of tuber shooters and/or my trebuchet which includes a 400-lb bike engine/frame installation once the counterweight! And grill up some uncommon flesh that is bovine we are carrying it out!

I have never tried WD-40 as a propellant, BTW – only locks spray and starter fluid. but i actually do possess some (really past that is distant experience with oxy/acetylene.

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Starter fluid. ah. being auto mechanic for a long time means we took a few trips four weeks to see the bunny that is ether

I would like to hear more info on this siege tool, however. V-Twin?

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