Working, Flirting and Sex: Courtship in 18th-Century France

In 1723, Jean Pillot and Marguerite Perricaud begun to often see each other. They both worked in textile manufacturing in Lyon, France’s city that is second. They went for a and he promised marriage year. She told him he had to ask her father. They took very very very long walks together after work and on Sundays, during that they create a real and emotional intimacy that paved just how for wedding. Marguerite told a co-worker which they enjoyed one another.

Young couples talks that are intercourse had been tightly woven into conversations about matrimony. Neighbors usually saw them together. Their relationship developed being a general public matter in view associated with community.

One night, Jean arrived to Marguerite’s space by having a lit candle and locked the entranceway with a vital. That he loved her, and promised that he would never have another woman as she recalled later, he insisted.

He then seized her by the hands, threw her from the sleep and, despite all her opposition, had intercourse along with her twice, all while continuing to guarantee which he wouldn’t be with other ladies and she didn’t should be afraid. They proceeded to see one another and also to have intercourse because, she still expected to get married as she explained later.

The life that is social of individuals in 18th-century France as well as in other areas of northwestern European countries lasted about 10 years. It began if they begun to work in their mid-teens and proceeded with their mid- to late-20s, if they married. A lot of Lyon’s old town in which young adults lived, worked, liked and often fought still survives today, along with its multistorey tenements, courtyards and slim cobbled roads.

Luxury silk production dominated the economy of 18th-century Lyon, plus it employed a huge number of teenage boys and feamales in skilled jobs. The trade in allied items such as for example gold or silver thread and decorative trims additionally used numerous several thousand young adults. (more…)