tommy: i have ONCE AGAIN been CRUELLY EXILED by just ideal, this is the worst day of my own life, i’m going to cry

… fine, listen me off right here. Xisuma, arriving at that the stop throughout the initiate of the season whenever all of the hermits are definitely really acquiring all their stuff together discovers your kid in the End. An actual youngsters, perhaps near 12 or so. That only hence takes place inside search love a enderman, but not fully. (Not really using half his system your stark white in contrast to another side’s black) This person doesn’t see things to think about in which, then again nevertheless this person yet picks upwards the kid plus brings him back into that overworld to figure away what to do and him.

Turns out of the kid’s identify are Ranboo, he missing many his memory, which is apparently per regular incident, and now he’s in his starter base having a kid resting inside his bed during the initiate of a emerging globe with no plan whenever inside get at here.

It’ll work out fiiine, right?

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redorich answered:

Tommy picks at your stray thread on his existing coat. Cleo might pinch him to unravelling it really worse, however this girl is not right here today. (more…)