Into the enlightened self-interest application, they are going to form partnerships and alliances or connect to other people in a fashion that tends to obtain them the absolute most in exchange by providing other people whatever they require to have the many for themselves, generally there would be the many shared advantage.

The fundamental some ideas behind all those approaches is the fact that individuals will understand what is most beneficial or right they themselves (would) desire, and then they will use that knowledge, in one form or other, to do what is best or right for others or for all, or in the case of majority rule, will do what is right for the most people — sometimes in the mistaken belief that what is best for the most (in the sense of a majority) is the best plan that could have been implemented for all for themselves by understanding what. As an example, it would clearly not be best for all five (in a reasonable sense of “best for all”) if three of the people (that is, the majority of the people) voted to give themselves $100,000 each and the other two, the minority of the people, nothing if we had five people among whom to divide $300,000. (more…)