“Just Found My son that is 15-Year-Old is And Utilizing Grindr, What Should I Do?”

A mother that is concerned to an LGBT Reddit forum for advice after she discovered her 15-year-old son ended up being gay and utilizing the gay ‘h k-up’ software, Grindr.

Reddit individual Grindr_mom shared the following message asking for information

2pm dating

It is not just a shock to (kind of) discover my son is gay. I’ve form of had my suspicions. The things I don’t know is exactly what to do now. On the one hand, I don’t want to force him to say anything to him until he’s ready, but having said that we don’t want him using Grindr (we have absolutely nothing against it, i personally use online dating sites myself, he’s just t young).

I’m going to own to say something about it, but I’d appreciate any advice regarding how i ought to begin this.

One individual offered this piece of advice “if you have actuallyn’t already, begin by discussing on-line apps that are dating both the positive and negatives. Include that most of them require the person using them to be at least 18 years old and that there is a g d reason behind that. treat him as if he’s approaching adulth d (which he could be) and he has to recognize that his actions have consequences – not merely for him but for any men (or women, if he is str8) who message him thinking he’s 18+.i would suggest maybe not l king his phone. specially he has on there since you may not want to see what. when your friend that is gay is all near to your son, ask your buddy to really have a discussion with him. it’ll be easier and far less embarrassing for you son and also you.”


Another wrote “If he’s sharing explicit photos of himself he can find himself in a entire realm of appropriate trouble. He might be charged with making and child pornography that is distributing. (more…)