Residing Together Before You’re Hitched Is A Negative idea

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I’ve been involved for only a little over a 12 months now, and during this period, many individuals have actually expected me questions like, “When are you dudes engaged and getting married once again?” or “Where could be the wedding likely to be?” But, the question that surprises me personally many occurs when Christians ask, “Why don’t both you and your move that is fiancé in before you receive hitched? You understand, merely to check it away out.”

In the end, exactly just how will we ever determine if our company is appropriate, right? Not exactly.

We see their logic behind this, but i simply don’t see how this lines up with God’s concepts and standard for relationships. Consequently, residing beneath the exact same roof as my fiancé has got the potential not merely to harm our relationship with one another, but in addition our relationships with Jesus.

The great news is that Jesus provides us with clear biblical directions and axioms to aid us build healthier dating relationships. (more…)