Relationship and depression advice boards? Any links or recommendations is greatly appreciated

I am wondering if anybody understands of every internet sites which have forums where you are able to discuss despair, relationship troubles, acquire some advice while making newer and more effective online friends perhaps?


I am wondering if anybody understands of every web sites which have forums where you are able to discuss depression, relationship troubles, get some good advice and work out some new friends that are online?

Any links or recommendations will be significantly valued

Yes this site that I personally use has a talk room additionally working with despair and you may satisfy individuals much like yourself perhaps.

I actually do perhaps not do chatrooms myself but we post.

Hope that is of great interest for you.:)

Yes this site that I prefer has a talk space additionally coping with despair and you will fulfill individuals just like your self perhaps.

I really do maybe not do chatrooms myself but i post.

Hope this really is of great interest to you personally.:)

We’ll take a look

warning on the no more site that is panic. your website is a little of a black opening

You might find some info here. however when they state the website is run by patients. they suggest it. most of the admin & owner there arent the high point. these are the point that is low. and their ‘therapy’ is oftentimes bringing you straight down together with them.

The site has caused a complete lot of individuals to obtain even worse due to the behaviour of “admin” (almost all of the admin & owner are a little such as the cops into the movie lakeview terrace). one of many admin has a tremendously tiny. which he attempts to wave around. He does a complete lot of wal(es)ing. a little bit of a nmpty.

Yourself going there and feeling worse because of the replies you get from the admin/possibly some long term users (not to mention the replies you dont get because many good members have left) its not just you if you find. (more…)