Previous inmates give advice to those simply getting away from prison

Yesterday we heard from an ex-con by what it was like for him to transition from life behind bars to life on the outside. He claims having a mentor aided a whole lot – you to definitely who he felt a sense that is true of – in which he didn’t want to screw it by doing something bad and winding up back prison.

We asked a handful of other former inmates to share their advice for those who are about to or are in the midst of transitioning back into society. Here are their responses

Just What advice can you give inmates who’re about to re-enter culture?

It’s important to compose plans and objectives down, to be arranged, finish an application, get addresses and phone numbers of places you will need to head to get the license, medical, etc. You can become overwhelmed with these easy tasks. Keep a positive attitude! – Robert Richmond

Stay determined and focused. You can find likely to be a number of battles and deterrents throughout this phase that is new of. (more…)