Marriage Prep Resources.You’re engaged. Congratulations! “Living A joy-filled marriage”

Theology regarding the Body Marriage Preparation This wedding prep guide—which Dr. Peter Kreeft lauds as “delightful” and “memorable”—gives refreshing insights into individual development, interaction abilities, finances, catechesis, and much more, all through the viewpoint for the Theology regarding the Body. The unique diagrams and charts flesh out St.John Paul II’s insights, make tough concepts accessible, and offer food-for-thought for conversations by partners. Dr. Janet Smith calls the program a “real share to the necessity for truly helpful wedding planning materials.” Published by TOB specialist Monica Ashour, MTS, MHum, additionally the people of TOBET (Theology regarding the Body Evangelization Team). For sale in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Supplemental Curriculum

10 Great Dates Before You state “I Do.” Would you like to help partners discern if they’re suitable for each other—even before becoming involved? Then this video-based curriculum, disguised as enjoyable times, will allow you to help couples determine when they should use the alternative toward marriage. (more…)