The worthiness of Sex. Intimate Perversion. Intercourse and Morality. Sexual Choices and Orientation. Desire and sexuality.

3. The Value of Intercourse

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What’s the worth of intercourse? exactly just How essential (or valuable!) is this value? Procreation, love, and pleasure (as kinds, maybe maybe perhaps not tokens) are unmistakeable responses towards the question that is first. Intercourse is often the solution to procreate, so intercourse is valuable insofar as procreation is valuable. But this value is instrumental, which is contingent given technology’s capacity to split procreation from intercourse. Addititionally there is anti-natalism (Schopenhauer 1851, 1859: ch. 46; Benatar 2006, 2015), which signifies that intercourse has value that is negative its procreative aspect. (more…)