The stress in the air had been palpable as s n as the sweep 2nd hand crossed 6 o’clock The red ”on atmosphere” light flashed on, a taped vocals announced, ”This is Minnesota Public Radio.

Broadcast’s ‘Prairie Home’ city slickers want it, t

And Butch Thompson hit the opening records of ”Hello Love” in the Steinway grand.

Therefore began the real time radio broadcast of ”A Prairie Residence Companion” from Mead Chapel at Middlebury College, the initial stop in the show’s springtime trip.

One of radio’s most popular productions, ”Prairie Home” is carried by a lot more than 206 radio that is public with an estimated 1.5 to 2 million audience. Its format harks back again to radio’s Golden Age, interspersing humor, music, and the storytelling of host Garrison Keillor. (more…)