How exactly to Save PicВ­tures From Bing Docs on Phone and PC


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Typically, when you want to save a picture from the net, you right-click on the picture and ch se Save image as choice. Unfortunately, G gle Docs doesn’t support that. The Save image option is missing if you right-click any image in G gle Docs. So how does one save yourself pictures from G gle Docs? In this post, we shall tell you how to save images from G gle Docs on Android os, iPhone, iPad, and PC.

Extracting images from a Bing Docs document comes handy if you wish to utilize the images that are same various papers or somewhere else. You will find multiple how to export images from G gle Docs on both mobile and desktop.

Let’s get started doing the desktop first, followed closely by Bing Docs mobile apps on Android and iOS.

How to Export Images from G gle Docs on Desktop

There are four techniques to export pictures from a G gle Docs document on Computer.

Method 1 Save to G gle Keep

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Bing Docs and G gle Keep are linked in a useful way. With two presses, you’ll copy your Keep notes to G gle Docs and vice versa. The latter helps us in extracting images from G gle Docs on PC. You will have to save your valuable image to G gle Keep utilizing the feature that is available then save your self the image using right-click in Keep. This process is amongst the simplest and quickest ways to extract a single image from G gle Docs on the net.

Here’s just how to go about it.

Step one start the G gle Docs document from which you intend to draw out a graphic.

Step two Right-click on the image and select Save to help Keep.

Step three Keep will open in the right sidebar of G gle Docs. Your image shall be conserved as a note. Now, right-click in the image in Keep and select image that is save.

Step supply the image a name that is suitable save your self it at a desired location on your desktop. You’ll keep the image in Keep or delete it after saving it on your desktop. (more…)