Nun intimately abused me at Catholic orphanage, girl says

Robertson stated it took decades she says Sister Regina did to her was sexual abuse before she recognized that what.

“which was not at all something that has been ever talked about,” Robertson said. “Nuns could not also be looked at for the reason that specific vein.”

Robertson stated she thinks the cloistered everyday lives they lived within the orphanage, denied usage of specific things like TVs and papers, additionally contributed to her using way too long to recognize exactly exactly what had occurred to her.

“it was wrong, I didn’t have the word to call it sexual abuse,” Robertson said while I knew. “after which once I got only a little older and I also recognized, ‘You understand, that actually ended up being intimate punishment,’ but who is planning to think?”

Robertson struggled with alcohol punishment inside her very early 20s, but she got sober after having a child, hitched an engineer and relocated to Washington state where she started being employed as a caretaker for older people. (more…)