Okcupid is just a den of thieves they make it impossible to help you cancel, therefore would you like to understand what a lot of people do to get free from Okcupid?

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T much people use fake location

Okcupid is just a den of thieves

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They need to go to their bank, stop re payment to OKcupid and have the bank attempt to issue a fee back. OKcupid pretends it is therefore “progressive,” but that is only a front side to lure you in and clean your bank account out ( if you let them).

Okcupid’s epic autumn from elegance to disgust that is vile

Had previously been g d, but now it’s a scam that is total. I have met individuals on here in the past, then again they turned it into a totally crappy tinder clone and broke the matching algorithm. (more…)