On Dating Chinese Men — Or Why You Should Not Judge After Just One Date

It can maybe not surprise me if sarahinguangzhou is anyone who has entirely immersed herself in, and never questioned, these beauty requirements, as follows:

1- That a “real man” must be 6′ or taller. 2- which he must certanly be muscular and fit. 3- which he needs to be either white, black colored, or latin (towards the exclusion of any guy coming from the Asiatic or “academically-focused” countries, such as for example Jewish, East-Asian and South-Asian males). 4- And that he be hyper-confident, rich, non-needy, and also have large arms (LOL, seriously, I’ve heard that one).

“The above may also connect with westerners; those that can do almost anything to have a human anatomy, or a face which they start thinking about become breathtaking or desirable. Each goes to extremes of changing by themselves through surgery to match a graphic which they perceive become perfect. (more…)