“CATASTROPHE, CALAMITY, A CONSIDERABLE DRAWBACK!”–Berkeley Breathed, “a want Wings that Work”

Proclaiming Self-reliance

“i’ve practically achieved the regrettable realization that Negro’s wonderful obstacle as part of his stride toward flexibility is not necessarily the whiten person’s Counciler or even the Ku-Klux Klanner, although white moderate, that is a lot more dedicated to “order” than to justice; that prefers a harmful calm the lack of tension to an optimistic silence which is the position of fairness.”–Martin Luther King Jr., Document from Birmingham Prison

“I don’t strive to be an item of simple setting. I want my own atmosphere become a solution of me personally.”–Frank Costello, The Departed

I’d at first designed a blog post for New spring’s morning last year, but obtained caught up in retreat celebrations, and later the inescapable winter months ennui oozing from were not successful resolutions. (more…)