If you’re traveling around SE Asia -including Thailand- you’ll want to learn a thing or two on how to avoid ladyboys and transexuals.

Don’t anticipate them to complete it for you personally.

It’s your responsibility to discover, because, well… Some of them will lie to you.

My Experience With Ladyboys

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As I compose this post we am traveling around SE Asia, which will be the region because of the greatest concentration of ladyboys.

Ladyboys are so numerous indeed, and often so indistinguishable from pretty girls, that numerous guys get a bit concerned.

I’m no stranger to that particular feeling. Ladyboys on the l k are among the items that make traveling surrounding this globe region a pain that is real the ass.

Don’t ask me personally exactly how I discovered these things ). But I’ve traveled around here often times already. And I’d a couple of close calls myself. And this is my guide on how to prevent the ladyboy shock -with the hope you won’t need to learn by experience )-

How To Spot a Ladyboy

Here you will find the major signs of the ladyboy

1. Ladyboys Have Peculiar Voice

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This might be probably the giveaway that is biggest.

Often it is super apparent, various other times a bit less therefore. The vocals will certainly not sound masculine, nonetheless it will be “off”.

It often sounds nasal, but there’s no point trying to convey an auditory sign in written form you much because it won’t help.

Check the movie below and, in general, trust your instincts. (more…)