Comment embrasser: updating the Protocol & Constitution. Scripts & Virtual Machines

Changing Account Code

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When everything else fails as well as an “unstoppable application” functions within an unpredictable way, a blockchain making use of EOS.IO software allows the block manufacturers to displace the account’s rule without difficult forking the entire blockchain. Just like the procedure of freezing a merchant account, this replacement associated with the rule takes a 15/21 vote of elected block manufacturers.

The EOS.IO software enables blockchains to ascertain a peer-to-peer terms of solution agreement or a binding agreement among those users whom signal it, described as a “constitution”. The information for this constitution defines responsibilities one of the users which may not be completely enforced by rule and facilitates dispute resolution by developing choice and jurisdiction of law as well as other mutually accepted guidelines. Every transaction broadcast regarding the system must include the hash associated with the constitution included in the signature and thus clearly binds the signer towards the agreement.

The constitution additionally defines the human-readable intent for the supply rule protocol. (more…)