The first faltering step is thinking in broad terms. The step that is second you those few “exceptions.” Hold on there. Don’t create any longer groups.

4. Glance At Your History, And Prune

Like me when it comes to blog categories if you’ve been blogging for a few years, you’re probably. You have got:

  • Groups with only a posts that are few them. You have got a few articles that don’t belong on the web log, or perhaps you have actually a category you don’t like composing for.
  • Groups with names that visitors won’t understand. You created groups for the benefit that is organizational for the visitors to locate content they truly are enthusiastic about.
  • Categories with 90% of the articles. You produced a category that has been much too broad, and also you wound up everything that is dumping it because your other groups had been defectively planned.
  • Groups certain to a subset of articles. an ongoing category|Every time you wrote a blog series, you made a category for it instead of linking within the body copy to the other posts in the series and using a current category in other words}. (more…)