Often times the relationships you develop with one of these individuals will feel as you’ve understood them for years and years, also from previous everyday lives.

With a companion that is soul is an excellent and deep comprehension of each other, and a sense that you’re both on a single ‘wave length’ of ideas and feelings. These connections usually continue for an eternity.

Soul Companions share both attributes of Soul Friends and Soul Teachers in which they experience ego harmony with us, as well as teach, assist us discover, and develop, minus the friction of a Soul Teacher, as Soul Companions lovingly share with us your way. One reason why for such level and harmony is since they often give us the exact same Soul Age.

Soul Twin

The ancient Greeks thought that our souls had been as soon as entire and also the Gods divided them into two various halves, as soon as we discovered our other halves we’d be entire and complete once more. (more…)