The 10 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2019 (thus far)

By Erin• 5 min read, Jul 30, 2019

It’s time for you to look straight back in the logo redesigns that are best for the year so far. We’ve seen a lot of action from big brands in technology, fashion, finance, property, and much more!

From the more simple updates to major overhauls, consider these 10 rebrand shows from the previous half a year.

1. Slack

Slack kicked from the 12 months with a logo that is major, due to Pentagram. The business scrapped its hashtag sign for an exceptional “octothorpe” form that features four colors as opposed to the past 11. The brand new design additionally features a bolder typeface in black.

That which we like: a genuine sign and pared-down color scheme means Slack’s logo design is more versatile at various sizes. The main octothorpe comprises of small message bubbles, a subtle nod to exactly what the business is about.

Everything we don’t: a bit was taken by the octothorpe shape of having used to since the Slack hashtag ended up being therefore identifiable. But there’s practically nothing bad we are able to state right here!

2. Zara

Zara revealed a significant logo design redesign in January, spearheaded by the French design company Baron & Baron. (more…)