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Indias Leading Company to provide Facade Access & Maintenance Solutions.

Facade Cleaning

A Building Facade Cleaning presents a more hospitable front and Building Facade Cleaning therefore a more attractive real estate prospect to the public.

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Facade Access System

We offer independent consulting, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance service for facade access systems. We will inspect your equipment for every use

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Facade Restoration

While engage in facade rectification work for an extensive period we have observe several potential issues associated with substandard facade installation.

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Safetech India – To Bring The Outside In.


India’s Leading Company which we provide Facade Cleaning and Facade Access System in India. Facade Cleaning has been one of the fastest growing professions in recent years, due to the development of India’s Infrastructure. We provide facade cleaning in industrial & commercial buildings, malls, hotels, schools, office buildings, factories, residential properties throughout Mumbai India.

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Recent Projects



Portable Aluminum Alloy jibs are ideally for low-rise buildings in India especially…

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Davit Systems

A portable davit system is comprised of davit bases, a davit mast and a davit boom..

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Monorail System

Monorail systems is the most cost-effective and efficient facade cleaning system..

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The Access system consist of a trolley design to support two person & power cradle.

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These Cradle systems are easy to install on the roof of the building…

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Eyebolts are a simple, cost effective and discreet solution for protecting operatives..

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