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Facade Restoration

While engage in Facade rectification work for an extensive period we have observe several potential issues associated with substandard Facade installation.

The motive of rectification is to provide a new life & increase the stability of exterior Facade elements of your premises & the process involves multiple task from assessment, design & engineering to de erection & new Facade installation

Water Leakage Testing
There has been a steady increase in demand for services related to evaluating uncontrolled water leakage through the building envelope roofs, walls & glazing) due to the changes & innovations in building facade technology. Diagnostic water leakage testing requires several procedures prior to, during & after actual testing to aid in the selection of test location, methods & ultimately to confirm the results. Procedure involves due diligence (to gather the history of reported leakage by interviewing occupants or engineering staff) survey (close range examination of facade) followed by execution of testing (pressure method).


Water Proofing
External waterproofing protects people from illness or injury & protects the building from damage cause by the redirection of surface water. We provide technical service of water leakage rectification by application of suitable weather proof sealant (silicon filling) or installation of facade element.


Facade Unit Replacement
The combination of strong wind, rain & salt air can lead to the rapid deterioration of many external surfaces in particular facade glass unit or Aluminium composite panel. We offer glass replacement services to suit any situation in either residential, commercial or industrial building no matter what kind of glass replacement services you required.

facade unit replacement

Stone Clading

Stone Clading